Tech Revolution

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One Good Day

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Why I Like to Read

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Published by John Wood

I love traveling. Travel is my life, and not just the business that I do. This is part of me, part of my feelings, thoughts, my past and future, a source of new strength and inspiration. These are my friends, scattered all over the world, my favorite cities, favorite streets, houses, beaches, sunsets, snow, rains and everything from which the fabric of our life is woven.

2 comments on “Tech Revolution”

Travel is a beautiful thing. It can open your eyes in many ways and make you see the world from a different perspective. Life on the road is more simple; you really become aware of what´s important in your life and what´s just filling up space. Great post as always!

Loving this post! Really inspiring! It’s true that travel teaches you things you didn’t even know about before, it’s one of the best parts of traveling.

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