Wild Book is translation ready (included .pot files for Poedit) and translated into 21 languages.

(client side)
Customizer & Widget OptionsNotes
Arabic yes  partiallyRTL. Noto Kufi Arabic & Noto Naskh
Bulgarian yes noUsed “Open Sans” font instead Raleway
Czech yes no 
Danish yes no 
Dutch yesyes 
English (default) yes yes 
French yes yes 
German yes yes 
Greek yes noUsed “Georgia” and “Open Sans” fonts
Hebrew yes partiallyRTL
Hungarian yes no 
Italian yes yes 
Indonesian yes yes 
Portuguese yesyes 
Portuguese (Brazil) yes yes 
Polish yes yes 
Romanian yes no 
Russian yes yes
Spain yes yes 
Swedish yes no 
Turkish yes  partially 

* The documentation is written in English